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New Build Updates

July 2023 Status Photo 1

15 July 2023

Although much headway has been made in the build over the last year or so, progress has been hampered by the impact of the cost of living issues we are all facing. Raw material prices have doubled and in some cases trebled. For this reason our plans have to be slowed down as the monies collected has not gone as far as first predicted. We are thankful for the immense help from the community both in terms of volunteers for the build as well as the monies collected in these very difficult of times. We hope that with your continued support we are looking at the following 2023 build targets:

- Men's and women’s wash facilities completion
- Men’s first floor prayer hall completion
- External facade completion will follow the above two jobs.

Once again … many thanks for your continued support, inshAllah, we will construct a building we can all be proud of for many years to come.

October 2021 Status

1 October 2021

Due to delays in financing and regulatory approval (due to backlog), the focus of the build team has been to get the ground floor operational as soon as possible - pending regulatory approval (which is in process):

Ground floor is almost 100% complete internally.
Main Wudu/Wash facilities will be cordoned off and work will commence once ground floor is operational.

Exterior: 80%
All external work required to open ground floor to be completed in the next month or so

January 2021 Status

1 January 2021

Each of the four floors/exterior are in different levels of completion:

Ground Floor: Ladies & Children – 80%

Main prayer hall: decorated and carpeted complete

Kitchen: nearing completion
Girls' classrooms: completed
Girls' restrooms: completed

Taziat Room: nearing completion

First Floor: Men and Children - 60%

Exterior: 60%

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