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The Paradise Academy

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Paradise Academy News
Paradise News Issue 6 Term 3
Paradise Academy Newsletter
Issue 6 Term 3 July 2023
Madrassah Admission

Paradise Academy News

Paradise News Issue 6 Term 3

ISSUE 6 TERM 3 07/2023

Click the Paper Clip link below to read.

25 August 2023

Paradise Academy Newsletter
Issue 6 Term 3 July 2023

The official newsletter of the Paradise Academy.

Read all about what's in store this Summer of 2023 and Upcoming Events.

Click the Paperclip Icon to read the newsletter.

17 July 2023

Madrassah Admission

Madrassah Admissions registrations from 24th July 2023. Click paperclip below for full details.

6 July 2023

Paradise Newsletter Issue 5 Term 2

The Official Newsletter of The Paradise Academy for March 2023

13 March 2023

The Night Journey "Al Isra Wal Miraj"

Discover what happened when the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) faced suffering and humiliation and his journey to meet Allah

8 February 2023

Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Help your brothers and sisters survive this great tragedy!

8 February 2023

FAJR KNIGHTS - Prizes to be won by your children

This winter let your children compete in attending FAJR in the Masjid.

2 January 2023

Jesus the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him)

Find out who the Prophet Jesus (A.S) was and the miracles granted to him by Allah?

2 January 2023

Paradise Academy's Newsletter

Issue 4 Term 1 December 2022 - Welcome to our exciting Termly newsletter, where we will update you on all the activities that have taken place at the Paradise Academy.

9 December 2022

Live Presentation: Drugs And It's Consequences

Hard hitting live presentation to raise the awareness of Vaping, Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide), Heroin and Cocaine.

Food will be served after the program.

18 November 2022

Paradise Academy - Madrasa Admission

Registration Day

25/07/22 between 5 and 6pm

3 July 2022

Super Salah's

Our Girlington in association with the students of The Paradise Academy are kicking off a new initiative to discover the next Mo Salah in our community. This a great opportunity for our youngsters to stay active and enjoy their weekends playing football. Scan to register your child.

26 May 2022

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Boys School

Principal: Molana Sajid

Telephone: 01274 544358 (Madrasa Times Only)


Girls School

Principal: Apa Sara

Telephone: 01274 404862


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